Missing them

At a time when so many young people of Britain are furious with the older generation for condemning them to a future they simply do not want, I miss my grandparents more than ever. Like most families across the UK, mine has been fractured by last week’s EU referendum. I say fractured, rather than broken, … More Missing them

Dying butterflies

Your smell was trapped in the warm black ringlets of your hair and in the cotton of your t-shirts. Not an altogether unclean smell, but still the kind of smell that others might have washed and scrubbed away in jets of hot water and foamy soap. It reminded me of the pulpy coconuts left out … More Dying butterflies

Present absence

The crumbly paths and the sandy steps would play havoc with your knees. The spice would definitely upset your stomach. You wouldn’t be able to understand what those dark-skinned boys at the restaurant were saying and whoever heard of curry for breakfast? Cockroaches would keep you awake at night with their scratching. You couldn’t ignore … More Present absence