Lunching in Pokhara

asian_tea_house_0003-8bbd5ca8b6Having tired of the cutesy cafes and enticing sandwich points on the main strip, we ventured past the multitude of trekking shops and Tibetan jewellery stands and went in search of a new lunch joint.

Pandey Restaurant, tucked up into a side street next to a Himalayan Ink tattoo store and a few quieter guesthouses, proved to be perfect. Masala tea for less than 30 rupees…big tick. Masala tea in a big glass (not quite an Asian Tea House mug but bigger than the usual tin cup)…even bigger tick. Becca wants Tibetan bread. I am in the mood for something breakfast-like. The extensive but simple menu delivers and service most definitely comes with that Nepali smile.

For 80 rupees I get a deceivingly large dish of crunchy muesli, all kinds of fresh fruit (including coconut) and a refreshing, tangy portion of buffalo yoghurt. It tastes amazing and I feel healthy- a very tough call in carbohydrate obsessed Nepal. Becca, notoriously hard to please and a long time sufferer of food envy, orders her bread with cheese. When the waiter brings it out he has every right to smile as proudly as he does. It is plate-sized, thick and covered in real cheese. For less than one English pound, you really can’t complain and complain Becca does not. We resist the urge to order 10 rupee chapatti or indulge in rice pudding for dessert, and instead take advantage of the water refill service.

The path is quiet, the tables are shaded and we are the only patrons sat at the checkered tables. It is a welcome change from the usual lakeside favourites. We will absolutely be making a return visit to sample that rice pudding!


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