Welcome to Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park, Nepal
Chitwan National Park, Nepal

A coca-cola can, cold. Red ants, crawling. Two panting stray dogs. A small woman in a sari, nose pierced. Shady table with a roof of straw. Clouds of cotton candy. Hot blue sky. Azure green trees. A stone dam, slowing the current of the grey river. Flies, mosquitos, bumble bugs. Whistling bar tenders, bored and listless on the hill. A radio singing foreign words and bollywood beats. Abandoned boats, dry and rotting on the bank. Starchy umbrellas over splintering huts. The swishing tails of three elephants across the water. The trumpet of another as it bathes, washing off dust and safari sweat. Blurred and hazy, the mountains loom. We, sweaty and smudgy, tanned and grimy, relaxed and quiet, sit in Chitwan National Park, Nepal.


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