Hi! I’m Hannah. Up until very recently I thought of myself as a backpacker. I have a host of good budget-travel stories and a long bucket list, and I’ve spent pretty much all of my 20s living far away from home. Then I realised that, actually, what I have done is just swap England home for Hong Kong home. It has been five years since I moved to this beautiful, infuriating city and I am only now starting to accept that I may be here for quite a while. Somehow, my once-in-a-lifetime experience has become, well, my life.

Having said that, one of the perks of living in Hong Kong is that I can travel to some pretty astonishing places fairly easily. So while I am only just learning that I don’t always have to stay in the cheapest, most backpacker-friendly hostel anymore, I am still squeezing in as many travel adventures as I can. I like to write about them, as well as general HK life, on this blog. I also like to read good books, find good beaches and seek out really good vegetarian food. The latter can be quite a challenge on this side of the world!

Hope you enjoy xo




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