Present absence

The crumbly paths and the sandy steps would play havoc with your knees. The spice would definitely upset your stomach. You wouldn’t be able to understand what those dark-skinned boys at the restaurant were saying and whoever heard of curry for breakfast? Cockroaches would keep you awake at night with their scratching. You couldn’t ignore … More Present absence

Lunching in Pokhara

Having tired of the cutesy cafes and enticing sandwich points on the main strip, we ventured past the multitude of trekking shops and Tibetan jewellery stands and went in search of a new lunch joint. Pandey Restaurant, tucked up into a side street next to a Himalayan Ink tattoo store and a few quieter guesthouses, … More Lunching in Pokhara

Ode to Masala Tea

Masala Tea. Masala Tea. Masala Tea. I heart Masala Tea! I love the cup we have with breakfast while the kids eat their beaten rice. I love the cup we have with pancakes when we get back from dropping them at school. I love the steaming hot mugs we have at Asian Tea House and … More Ode to Masala Tea